Carnival Outfit! :)

Hi all!!
This is what I wore yesterday with Carnival:)
I've had a great night!! It was really fun!
Have a nice sunday!
-Skirt:H&M - Shirt:WE, Accessoires:vintage


Something New :)

Hi all!
This is my new orange bag!!! Love it :)
It's has the perfect size for me,not too big or too small and ofcourse it's a perfect color for summer ;)
The bag is from the brand Smaak Amsterdam, they have really cool bags in their collection!!
Now you might think : Why does she bought a new rose watch?, That's because the old one from Fossil hasn't had a good quality,I got my money back and bought this one from Micheal Kors.
I had to invest 100 euro more for this one, but he's worth it ;)
Have a great weekend!!